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Sarah Hodgson
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Sarah Hodgson

About Me

It's never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle!

What Can I Do For You?

Since 2011, I have been helping women navigate the journey of their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Life brings many changes during these decades, from pregnancy and motherhood to perimenopause, and with the right approach you can cultivate a body that serves you well throughout all of them.


My sessions centre around resistance training, which is of paramount importance for all women in these stages of life. Not only does it help strengthen, sculpt & tone your body, it’s also beneficial for bone health, boosting metabolism & managing weight. We’ll also cover how to eat to nurture your body, taking into account your goals. If they include weight loss, nutrition will be a big part of your program, but don’t expect any fad diets or quick fixes. Together, we'll embark on a journey to empower you with the knowledge to embrace these transformative years with confidence.


What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £55.00 per session

What Are My Qualifications?

  • Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer Award including Certificate 4 in Fitness
  • Future fit - Exercise to Music
  • Keiser Group Cycling
  • Lifetime Level 3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Ante and Post Natal Participants

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Weight Loss
  • Pre & Post-Natal
  • Strength Training / Conditioning


Day to day, I run a successful business, which I have built on my own. I love it - it’s busy, creative and fun, but my days can be long and stressful.

I was finding this impacted how anxious I felt, my resilience and my ability to be patient with my children. I would find the chaos, noise and mess they brought quite stressful and I would drink wine to make me feel more relaxed. Drinking wine would lead to eating more and it became a bitter cycle of weight gain that I couldn’t break. (So I thought!)

I knew I was neglecting myself, particularly my physical appearance, but I was able to hide myself behind my business and fill my time with work so I didn’t have to face it. Outwardly people saw a confident, successful woman and because I am quite outgoing, no one saw the inner battle I was having with myself.

This is why I started working with Sarah. Not just to lose weight, but to set me up with better habits for the long term. I had become very conscious that the path I chose now was going to be the path I walked for the next 20, 30, 40 years and I wanted to be healthy and fit for as long as possible.

So far, not only have I lost weight, I am also starting to understand WHY the weight has crept on. Sarah has helped me to look at my lifestyle as a whole, so now I can see it wasn’t just the kids stressing me out that had lead to drinking more wine and putting on weight. I had piled my plate SO high with other people’s expectations, that I couldn’t keep up. Eating and drinking had become my comfort and I would kid myself that because it was organic, it was healthy.

Reassessing the balance of work, diet, exercise and daily life has really helped me find a path where I am confident the weight will continue to come off and this time, stay off.


Where I Train

1 to 1 Studio :Park/Outdoor :





Geographical Areas Covered

  • Peckham, London
  • East Dulwich, London
  • Camberwell, London
  • London

Get in Touch


07... Reveal07792289416


Useful Information

Member Since: Jul 2016

  • Insurance: EMDM (HUP161918)
  • First Aid: First Aid for Life

Gender: Female
Age: 38