What is a Personal Fitness Trainer

Defining exactly what is a personal trainer, is not possible with a simple answer. He or she is an individual who has been specifically certified and is qualified to be a coach to other people who desire to achieve a higher level of fitness. A personal trainer is very knowledgeable about how to work with different people who have different levels of fitness. He or she will play a critical role in helping a person to achieve the optimal level of fitness that is possible for their circumstances, and that is appropriate for their individual body type. The description of what is a personal trainer is involves several ideas.

What is a personal trainer expected to help their clients do?

The trainer does far more than simply show people how to use the machines and equipment at the gym. They will have the experience and the skills to physically and mentally coach their client to a higher overall fitness level. A trainer is able to benefit their client by carefully examining their lifestyle and fitness ability and then making specific recommendations on how the client should proceed in terms of their training program. 

Nutritional Plans

The trainer will be interested in the diet of the client, how much effort is able to be put into the training program and what the goals of the client are; the trainer must know these details prior to creating the fitness training plan. The fitness program that is created by the trainer is optimized to the clients fitness level and will be modified accordingly as progress is made during the physical fitness training program.  The intensity of the training program will increase over time as fitness goals are met throughout the program.

Psychological Development

Personal trainers play a significant role in the influencing of the psychological component of the fitness training program undertaken by their client. Many people ask what is a personal trainer and how can they help a client to succeed. As many clients face challenges with having enough willpower to continue with a long term fitness program, a personal trainer must strive to keep their client motivated.


A personal trainer that is good at what he or she does will be able to motivate their client and keep them interested in their program. The trainer will also educate the client on the benefits of the training program that they are working together on. A specific nutritional plan will be created by the personal trainer and presented to the client to follow. This diet program is made for the client so that he or she can lose or gain weight and develop the desired body composition.

Prevent Injury

Safety during the personal training program is always an important factor that a personal trainer must ensure. A good trainer will show his or her client how to make the most of their exercise sessions without sustaining injury. The trainer will oversee the training session and make sure that proper technique and form is used during exercises being performed.

Many people are eager to start their training sessions alone and overtax their body beyond its physical capacities. A trainer will act as an outside observer and know exactly how a client should be progressing. They will know when a client is overtraining or undertraining according to their current physical capabilities.

Getting Clients Fitter

A personal trainer acts as a mentor of physical fitness for their client. They will make the experience of going to the gym both rewarding and challenging for their client. A good personal trainer will have personable characteristics and valuable experience that allow their client to trust in them and to respect the advice that they offer in terms of the physical training program.

Results of the training sessions will be seen more rapidly if the client is able to follow the advice of the experienced trainer. Personal trainers are a valuable addition to a person’s exercise program; they can assist in achieving the person’s fitness goals more effectively than if he or she was training their body on their own.

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