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Trang Fitness

About Me

Trang is a Level 4 Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. She takes a very personal and scientific approach with clients, focusing on the most up to date scientific research to take training, nutrition and mental wellbeing to the next level. She specialises in Pilates and functional strength training. She believes in coaching clients and working together to find the balance in which the body is able to create new, healthy and sustainable habits. 

What Can I Do For You?

Trang is a huge advocate of the strong connection between physical exercise and mental health. Her journey into the fitness industry started not by engaging in competitive sports, but from waking up one day and deciding that she needed to take control of my life; to find something new to focus on, away from the banality of her day job and hopefully gain a new found vigour, plus get rid of the ol’‘poochy bits’ along the way. Learning that she could make real changes to her overweight appearance, through hard work, sweat consistency Trang began to realise that she CAN make things happen.

Trang has helped many clients achieve their goals and more importantly exceed their own expectations. From helping clients rehabilitate from injuries, building strength, and improve their overall body composition. Since working as a Sports and Remedy Massage Therapist, she has become a firmer believer in an integrated approach. One that combines manual therapies, corrective exercises, functional movement & strength training for the most effective outcome.

Trang knowledge comes from continued personal development, expert coaches and education. This ensures that her workout programmes are designed effectively and supported by science. Trang's ethos about working together, to rewire bad habits and to establish a new ‘normal’. As well as educating her clients on all of their nutritional needs to ensure they reach their goals. She use effective training methods, from the most advance Olympic lifts, to a more mindful exercise programming such as Mat or Reformer Pilates. Head to her website for more information

What Are My Charges?

Prices start from £50.00 per session

What Are My Qualifications?

  • CYQ - Level 3 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (QCF) - Gym Based Exercise
  • YMCA Awards - Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (QCF)
  • Active IQ - Level 3 Award Designing Pre/Post Natal Exercise
  • APPI - Equipment Level 1
  • APPI - Equipment Level 2
  • APPI - Equipment Level 4
  • APPI - Pilates for Spinal Surgery
  • YMCA Kettlebells
  • YMCA Padwork for PT
  • YMCA Suspension Fitness

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Pilates or Yoga
  • Sports / Massage Therapy
  • Functional Training
  • Bodybuilding
  • Body Sculpting
  • Pre & Post-Natal
  • Posture / Back Care
  • Weight Loss
  • Special Populations
  • Rehabilitation & GP Referral


Risk Manager
When it comes to achieving goals and in getting tangible results Trangy can make a huge difference.

Her supportive and motivating style along with her deep PT expertise are guaranteed to make you through the journey to success. The effort, dedication & professionalism she puts in place make you feel like you are preparing for the Olympics! I thought only professional athletes would get such support and dedication until i met Trang – I encourage you to do the same.


Digital Marketing Executive

I have been with Trang for almost 2 months now and lost just over a stone 1 month and a half in.

She has also increased my muscle and core strength whilst I have lost significant weight in such a short space of time. Having never lifted weights in my life I can now deadlift 65KG, my cardio has also improved and I can now run 10K in just under an hour. I cannot recommend Trang enough – with her you can only get better.

I have been with Trang for 6 months already and I really enjoy every moment with her!

I can say she is the best Personal Trainer ! I needed to lose some weight and only thought of losing weight at first , but Trang not only helped 


I have been with Trang for 6 months already and I really enjoy every moment with her!

I can say she is the best Personal Trainer ! I needed to lose some weight and only thought of losing weight at first , but Trang not only helped me in losing weight , she helped me built up a regular healthy life style ! I used to have that mindset of I only exercise because I want to lose weight , after training with Trang , I actually felt in love with exercising ! Really grateful of having Trang as my Personal Trainer!


Where I Train

In a Gym :1 to 1 Studio :Your Home :


You might be here to get your blood pumping, your muscles flexing or just to try something completely different - but whatever you want from your workout, we’ve got the kit to get you there. You’ll find at least 170 items of high spec equipment and free weights to use to your heart’s content. Best of all, our exercise machines are super-green: 70% use no electricity at all – they’re powered by you.

Geographical Areas Covered

  • Camden Town, London
  • Canonbury, London
  • The City, London
  • High Holborn, London
  • The City, London


Get in Touch


07... Reveal07583659376


Useful Information

Member Since: Sep 2017

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