Training Accessories

Training Accessories

With so many different training products and training accessories, you can perform a wide range of exercises and improve the way you work out. Prices range from a few pounds to full sets being a few hundred. But buying online allows you to save money.

We have covered a complete range of fitness accessories below that we have categorised to try and help you browse more easily. Make sure you have done your research and know how you can use different products to help your workouts. Accessories can completely change the way you train both at home and in the gym.


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Which Training Accessories?

There's a wide range of different accessories you can use in your workouts. From simple kettlebells or resistance bands, through to suspension trainers and pump sets, you can add a varied range of ways to improve and enhance your fitness program.

In many cases they are relatively inexpensive but can really add to your fitness regime. Here are a few examples of what we mean.

Plyometric Box

The plyometric box is the product that supports the concept of plyometric training. Plyometric is all about explosive movement, your aim is to decrease the amount of time between eccentric and concentric movements. This is all great for muscles, tendons and nerves. It’s been used by athletes for years now but there is equipment out there that can help you use the same technique at home.

The plyometric box is just that, it’s a box that will safely help you perform a number of jumping exercises. They can either come in metal format with non-slip feet but you can now also access boxes that come with non-skid vinyl helping to reduce some of the impact of jumping on your body.

Many boxes are stackable so you can adjust the height as you perfect your technique. They aren’t as expensive as many other items of gym equipment, many retail for less than £100 and are hugely fun and effective. In addition you may on the same theme want to check out the range of aerobic steps we sell.


Kettlebells are very similar to dumbbells but their shape changes the way they work. They are essentially balls of cast iron with a single looped handle on the top. The weights range from 2 pounds to over 100 pounds.

They are a small yet incredibly effective tool. They will improve your endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio. Lifting a kettlebell forces your entire body to contract so engaging multiple muscle groups. The basic kettlebell move is the swing. Standing with your kettlebell you swing the kettlebell up and then down between your legs.

We offer a number of different types of kettlebells including cast iron models, coloured neoprene ones (easily identifiable by colour), the vinyl dipped kettlebell and we also sell the premium kettlebell. The later has a unique knurled grip.

Suspension Trainers

Suspension trainers work on the principle that by using your own body weight with natural movements you are creating very effective resistance. The beauty of them is that they are small, very portable and the list of exercises you can do is endless.

We sell a range of different types of suspension training including well known brands like Jungle Gym and Milo Kit. What they all have in common is two handles with lengths of adjustable webbing. All you really need is a stable stationery object.

One piece of advice we would give however is to get some coaching on suspension training before you use them, a session on one at the gym with a PT could be very useful! It may feel a bit odd at first but do persevere, the results can be very good.

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