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Regardless of whether you want to burn fat, tone up your body or build muscle (or maybe all three?) the right studio equipment can help you to perform different exercises to work your muscles.


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How Important are Studio Accessories?

Are accessories in a studio really that important?  From a flexiband through to dumbbells or a pump set, the exercises will help you target specific muscles like biceps or quads whilst you're working out.

Sometimes overlooked, it can be really useful to look at buying some accessories for your home gym. They are often very well priced, often don’t take up much room but can be really effective. Here we highlight just some examples of products we think are well worth a look.

Gym Balls

Gym balls can be a really good tool if you are looking for low impact training. Yet they can help you in all aspects of balance, strength, agility and flexibility. There are quite a good number out there so let’s try and give you a brief overview.

Stability balls, sometimes referred to as Swiss balls are a good choice for core and ab work. Some people use them in place of a bench. The idea is to put you off balance so working your muscles even harder. Some of these balls also come in small sizes, not to sit on, but to use for example between your thighs during exercise.

Medicine balls and slam balls are weighted balls made from leather and rubber filled mostly with sand. They are used for explosive training. Some of these balls bounce or like the slam ball are designed not to bounce as you throw explosively against a hard surface. In this sense you really wouldn’t want the slam ball to bounce!

BOSU balls work on the concept of balance and really challenge your body to work whilst being put off balance. We sell a range of BOSU products so do check them out.

Resistance Bands

As we said in the introduction these are often overlooked in favour of bigger and more expensive equipment and yet can be so incredibly effective. Try squatting with a resistance band and feel that burn!

Resistance bands are essentially long stretchy ropes. They are usually made of rubber and add resistance to your normal exercises thus making them harder. So squatting with a band will be harder or you could perform a tricep extension or bicep curl with one.

Many bands come in a range of different tensions so you choose one that will suit you best. Many are colour coded by resistance. Broadly speaking light resistance normally offers 3-6 pounds of resistance, medium resistance bands add 8-10 pounds and heavy resistance bands supply about 12 pounds of resistance.

So in summary resistance bands are relatively cheap, portable, take up little space and incredibly effective in all your fitness routines.

Studio Body Pump Sets

Body Pump is a studio class that has been really popular in gyms since the 1990’s but can be equally useful to use at home with or without a Les Mills DVD. The idea is to tone your body through effective fat burning. In fact the emphasis is not on the weight but on the repetition, in one Body pump session you could do an amazing 800 reps!

The studio body pump set looks like a barbell and is usually a number of PVC coated plates with spring collars and a steel bar. The plates are all different colours so you can see very quickly which weight you need.

The studio body pump set is colourful and fun looking. It’s obviously a serious piece of equipment but the colour and look is part of the whole brand here of body pump, burning fat to very motivational music!

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