The Surge

As a resistance training product, The Surge is a great new addition. Using water to provide a more dynamic resistance, you can vary the difficulty by filling or removing water. Great for core and sports training.

Using water to add a dynamic resistance is the unique feature of The Surge fitness product. With easy to grip handles and hundreds of different exercises you could perform with this product, it's a superb piece of functional training equipment. The selling point is also the unique way the dynamic resistance works to challenge your joints and stabilising muscles to counteract the every changing water movement inside.

Promoted as a way to help you improve not only your balance and stability, but your co-ordination and postural control, it's a compact piece of kit that any home gym could benefit from.

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buying guide for the Surge

The Surge Buying Guide

What Is the Surge?

The Surge is a water filled tube that essentially offers you an unstable form of resistance. The instability comes from the water moving within the tube. The concept is the same as other resistance tools including heavy ropes, chains and sandbags. As these items are moved a shifting occurs which means you have to stabilise yourself, as a result more demand is placed on the muscles and joint stabilisers. The designers of the Surge call their product a ‘dynamic’ form of resistance. All great for the core!

The Surge was designed by a firefighter and originally intended for first responders, now the product is available to anybody who wants to really challenge their body.

The tube is made from a thick durable white plastic.

What's The Difference Between the Surge & Slosh Pipes?

Slosh pipes tended to be constructed by people in their own homes. And they certainly did some good. Essentially if you get a PVC pipe and fill it with water and put caps on the end you have a similar system to the Surge. But there were problems like getting hold of a good size pipe, no handles and the need to seal the ends meant you could never change the amount of water in the pipe. The Surge takes the amateurish design of the slosh pipe to a whole new dimension.

What Does the Surge Do That Other Gym Equipment Won't?

The problem with gym machines is that they have a pre-set movement and only target one muscle group. Free weights counteract some of this but they use balanced weight. When you are lifting with say a dumbbell you put equal weight either side. Yet this doesn’t really reflect what our bodies have to cope with in real live situations.

This is where the Surge comes in. The water in the tube moves creating an unstable condition that the muscles in the body have to respond to. Water is by definition unpredictable and will not simply keep moving in the same direction. It is this unpredictability that is the real challenge.

Dynamic Fluid Resistance Training

This is where the water in the Surge provides the user with an unstable form of resistance which increases the demands made on the muscles in the trunk and joint stabilisers. Research carried out by Bird and Stuart in 2012 suggested that this type of training enhanced proprioceptive input, improved joint position and kinaesthetic awareness. Core stability and posture should be improved.

Technical Info

The Surge is 8” in diameter and 42” long. You can put as much water into the tube as you want to and there is a fill gauge so you can see how much weight the water is adding to your workout.

The Surge also has handles that are both horizontal and vertical so you can use the Surge is so many different positions. The handles are also built in.The handles also encourage the water to ‘crash’ from one end of the tube to the other creating the imbalance that in turn creates the intensity of muscle workout.

Ideas for Exercises

There are a huge number of exercises you can perform with the surge. To take a couple. If you sit in the crunch position with your shoulders and feet off the floor and lift the surge from side to side the water will move requiring you to keep control by putting you off balance. Or you can stand feet shoulder width apart and lift the surge up above your head. Again as the water moves you will have to work your core muscles even harder to stop yourself from falling over.

The surge comes with a DVD to show you how best to use it. There are additional DVD’s and a manual you can purchase to keep you from getting bored!

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