Battling Ropes

Also refered to as a fitness rope, a weighed rope or just battle ropes, using the slam and waves will help you to workout your core, arms, lower back and your shoulders all in one easy to learn exercise.

It's a low impact and high fat burning exercise that's fun and easy to learn. In effect the battling rope is simple a long length of rope that has been weighted to increase the work required to get the "waves" and "slams" required in a workout. Tie the battling rope to an anchor point or round a pole and you're set to go. This is a great one for a park bootcamp too.

You will get a great workout for your core, arms, back, shoulders and even legs. When you first start to use you will probably sense a lot of weight, but as you get into the exercises you'll find this form of interval training fun and challenging.

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buying guide for battle ropes

Battling Rope Buying Guide

As the name suggests battling ropes are ropes that work each arm independently sculpting muscle and helping you burn fat. They can be a workout all on their own or can be built into a circuit style training programme. They originated for specific combat sports and martial arts but are now used by those simply wanting a different way to get a great metabolic workout.

They are not for the faint hearted however.

Different Types of Battling Ropes

Training ropes come in various lengths and thicknesses. They are generally 1.5 to 2 inch thick ropes which can weigh anything from 25 to 50lbs.

You will also need to have something to anchor the rope. This can be anything from a pole, post or even a tree. Whatever you choose make sure it is secure.

How To Use a Battling Rope

Try not to just wave the ropes up and own. You should try different motions like from side to side which can also be great for your core muscles.

You should also consider changing the resistance as you work with the ropes. Moving away from the anchor point decreases the intensity, stepping towards the anchor point increases it. Try to alternate between two minutes close to the anchor point and one minute further away.

The Two Main Battling Rope Exercises

Battling Rope Wave

This is the best known exercise. Holding the ends of the rope at arm’s length in front of your hips with your hands shoulder width apart. Start raising and lowering each arm as explosively as you can. Keep alternating arms for 1 to 20 minutes. Once you are confident with this you can do the double wave, this is where you swing your arms up and down at the same time to create a parallel wavelike motion.

Battling Rope Crossovers

Slam the rope to the ground, this helps build power and really works your core. Keep both feet flat on the ground and move the ends in an arc above your head, then slam them down hard to your right. Repeat in the opposite direction.

In addition to the above two there is the grappler throw, where you pivot your torso from side to side and then there is around the world where you make a large circular motion with the ropes. In fact we could go on to list a lot more! You can introduce jumping jacks with the battling ropes, alternating waves with a burpee, lunging as you do side slams, some people even perform squats on a BOSU whilst creating alternate waves with the battling ropes.

The Benefits of Battling Ropes

Using battling ropes introduces variety into your routine. They will help improve your strength, tone your muscle and raise your heart rate. In fact it has been claimed that swinging a battling rope for just 10 minutes can burn up to 112 calories. The real benefit of the battling ropes is that when your muscles have to work against an object, in this case the anchor, a lot of energy is used. This is because you are forced to use muscular tension between the eccentric and concentric phases of each move.

What To Consider When Buying Battling Ropes

The first thing to think about before you buy is how often you will use the ropes and what sort of space you have. So for example a rope made from plant fibres will be heavier than one made from polypropylene, a synthetic rope. A heavier rope is better if space is limited and you have to use a shorter rope, you want a heavier workout and for a lot of people the more natural looking rope looks more authentic.

Polypropylene ropes are cheaper and easier to use. They are also good for outside use as they are waterproof. Some manufacturers now produce sleeved ropes which are great for durability, don’t shed and feel soft on the hands.

Do consider length as well. Many experts say that you shouldn’t order less than 10m, if it is too long you can always tie it up to make the rope shorter. Many ropes come in a choice of two diameters, 36 mm and 40mm. 40mm is heavier, if you are new to battling ropes you should opt for 36mm.

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